Which movie genre is best ?

Bryan Figueroa, Reporter

The History of Films…

We have been enjoying films sense the early 1900’s. It has been a form of entertainment we all look forward to whether it’s action, romantic, horror, comedy or even sci-fi. etc.

People’s Opinion…

Many people have different opinions towards different types of movies. Some people prefer comedy, others horror and the there are people who love dramatic movies.

Out of a hundred people interview 25% of them say that they like comedy over anything because it is funny and makes them laugh. For the 24%  who chose horror movies as their favorite they said “they like the adrenaline rush they get form watching a horror movie.” While as for action 16% of the people interviewed said that ” action are the best movies because they have a bit of everything in it.” As for drama and  “other” category both scored 10% because people didn’t know what to pick from. Surprisingly I found out that out of a 100 people 15 of them do not enjoy watching movies.

What is your favorite movie genre ?

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