Should abortion be illegal or legal?

Abortion has been a very controversial topic among all types and aspects of people. Whether or not abortion should be legal or illegal has been a serious issue and many people go to serious lengths to make their voices heard. However each side has their own reasons and counter-arguments which makes this topic a very hard to choose the right side.



Surprisingly yes. People agreed that abortion should be legal, however their reasons to back up their choice was beyond unexpected. 20% of the 50 people I surveyed agreed that abortion should be legal and here’s why. The most common reason why it should be legal is because its the mother’s right and that everyone makes mistakes.Those are solid answers ,although the opposing side has some pretty sturdy ones as well.



Now the majority of the vote when to making abortion illegal. Unlike the opposite side, ┬áthis side had more reasonable answers and i could not agree less, they’ve made their point clear and juxtapose their reasons. 38% of the 50, agreed on making abortion illegal. Answers ranged from “its murder”, ” you’re taking a life away”, and some went for their religious beliefs. One in particular said “instead of killing a baby, they should be put up for adoption”. I was sensing real heat on this topic at this point.


Under serious circumstances

Many people were very sensitive about the topic and mixed in their choice . About 32% chose answers under ┬áserious circumstances. Ranging “If she gets rapped or if she has an STD and doesn’t want the baby to get infected”. This topic has been a very tough one but the rest 10% did not feel comfortable talking about the subject.

Should abortion be legal or illegal?

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