What is YOUR favorite cereal?

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Everyday should begin with a satisfying breakfast, my preference, a rather large bowl of delicious excellence. Compare any advertisements about cereal and you will realize that they all portray one common point- you can never go wrong with a bowl of your favorite cereal before any special day. The beauty of this specific breakfast (or any time of day) meal is that so many different brands and flavors are available for the consumer.

“Cereal is love. Cereal is life,” said David “Noodle” Phan ’16. If you’re anything like Noodle and I, you could probably live off of this delicious treat. One hundred Cesar Chavez students were asked to choose their favorite cereal from a list that was provided for them.

Most of us can agree that cereal is probably the most amazing thing that has ever been brought upon us humans, but some students seem to disagree. Only two out of one hundred students told us that they did not enjoy any type of cereal. Are you cereal?

However, thirty-three percent of the students interviewed on October 19 picked Cinnamon Toast Crunch as their absolute favorite cereal. It happened to the most liked cereal on the list. Sadly, Raisin Brand was the least liked, but its still pretty amazing.

For those of you who do not enjoy cereal at all, keep trying. There are plenty of cereals out there and there is definitely one out there for you.