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Cesar Chavez High School 

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October 16-20, 2017 


Monday 10/16 

Senior Pic Retakes in Auditorium 

4pm Volleyball – Franklin @ Chavez 

Tuesday 10/17 

 9:00am UC Merced Presentation 

11:00am Truancy Meetings 

2:30pm Attendance Meeting – A110 

Wednesday 10/18 

9:00Navy Presentation 

9:00Parent Coffee Hour 

4pm Volleyball – Chavez @ Edison 

Thursday 10/19 

Girls Tennis League Tournament 

12:40pmDepartment Meetings 

3:30pm Cross Country Meet @ American Legion  

Friday 10/20

 Girls Tennis League Tournament 

5:30pm Football @ Edison 



  • Detentions:  If you have detention for tardies or IDs, make sure you show.  Otherwise it puts you on the no go list for 10 days! 
  • IDs:  You must wear your IDs on your body at all times, not backpacks or belt loops! 
  • No Go List:  If you get sent out on a referral or walk out of class without permission, DO NOT be surprised when you can’t get into a game or school event.  It’s an automatic 10 school day restriction for all school activities, even if you are in sports.  If you are suspended for fighting, you are automatically on a no fight contract and 45 day no go list. 

Shout Outs!! 

Congrats to the many students who finished out the semester on top!  You are well on your way to that piece of paper we are all here to earn! 

The news site of Cesar Chavez High School
Weekly Bulletin