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The Oracle

2017-2018 Staff

Daniel Contreras

Photo Editor

Daniel Contreras is a senior at CCHS.

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Monique Guerrero

Editorial Editor

Monique Guerrero is a Junior at CCHS. 

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Sheila Mendez Castillo

Editorial Editor

Sheila Mendez Castillo is a Junior at CCHS. 

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Erika Torres

Photo Editor

Erika Torres is a Junior at CCHS. 

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Martha Robles

Photo Editor

Martha Robles is a Junior at CCHS. 

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Ciara Gaston

Sports Editor

Ciara Gaston is a Senior at CCHS. 

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Imani Boatwright

Sports Editor

Imani Boatwright is a Senior at CCHS. 

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Alfonso Quezada

Social Media Editor

Alfonso Quezada is a Senior at CCHS. 

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Meleana Flores

Social Media Editor

Meleana Flores is a Senior at CCHS. 

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Ashley Vang

Copy Editor

Ashley Vang is a Senior at CCHS. 

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Adelina Lopez

Copy Editor

Adilena Lopez is a Senior at CCHS. 

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Ysabelle Adame

Managing Editor

Ysabelle Adame is a Junior at CCHS. 

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Ziana Quintero

Editor in Chief

Ziana Quintero is senior at CCHS. Ziana is the Editor in Chief of the CCHS Oracle School Newspaper for the 2017-2018 school year. 

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Shane Gruno

Journalism Advisor

I graduated Western Michigan University with a degree in English Secondary Education with an emphasis in creative writing. I have taught at Cesar Chavez High School since 2006, the second year it was open. I have taught mostly...

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