What city would you want to live?

Last week I surveyed 50 students at Cesar Chavez High School about what city would they want to live.I had 5 choices for them: Rio, Seoul, Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles. These city are the top of 5 beautiful cities on the world.  Each of them has there own beauty.
The first city is Rio

A beautiful city of Brazil. It has many small lands, beaches and the big sculpture of Christ Redempteur. This city is very fit to people who loves beaches and forests.
The second city is Seoul
A big city of Korea. 50% people of korea are living here. Two of the most beautiful sites f Seoul is Gyeongbokgung Changdeokgung and Jogyesa Gyeongbokgung. Seoul also has many of markets and shopping center. This city is very fit to people who likes fashions.
The third city is Tokyo
A heart of Japan. Japan is a modern city which attracts many of travellers. Tokyo has many of parks and restaurants. It is very fit to people who likes eating and playing.
The fouth city is Paris
A capital of France. Paris ia a romance city, it has many beatiful places like Eiffel Tower, Arc de triomphe, Sacre- Coeur, Madeleine and Disneyland. This city is very fit to couples who likes to visit history places.
The last city is Los Angeles
A biggest city of the West of America. It has many of beautiful sites like Holywood, Long beach, Disneyland, deserts, and many towns of Vietnamese, Chinese and Mexican. It is very fit to people who likes to make films and studing.
After one week, I found out that Los Angeles is the most city where Chavez’s students want to live.

What city would you want to live in?

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