Behind The Scenes, The story of the Every 15 minute program

Harold E-15_Lifetouch

Mrs. Reece, who felt the need to put a stop to teens in deadly collisions, due to them driving under the influence, had found a influential way to stop unfortunate events to happen any further.

Mrs. Reece had a big part in the production of the program for our school. “I oversaw the group, but just mostly coordinate everything,” said Mrs. Reece.

She felt the program was “excit(ing) but with a lot of work, tiring,” and when asked had if it made a point to teens, she replied, “absolutely.”

She had helped this program for us teens to not make bad decisions, like drunk driving, but to be the cause of a safer driving experience.

In the end, through the hard work of both teachers, students and volunteers, the program had made California a safer place.