Terrance Ritzow Survived A Fatal Car Accident !!!

Te'Ah E-15 _Alissa Ofelia Wertz

This past week at Cesar Chavez High School, has been terrifying. A group of seniors , juniors participated in an event called Every 15 Minutes. These students showed why its is important not to drink and drive.

Last week on Thursday I asked current senior a few question about his experience in the Every 15 minutes event. One major question I asked Terrance,”How did you feel about keeping this tragic event a secret from your close  friends?” He replied, “It was hard because a lot of my friends would text me asking me what I was doing, and I would have to make lame excuses.”

Terrance Ritzow did not cause this accident.Terrance and a few of his peers were driving around when all of sudden a drunk driver hit their vehicle harshly .

Another question I asked Terrance Ritzow, “Were you nervous to act and be apart of this event?” He replied, “At first I was nervous, but as soon as the sheet came of the car I acted as if  the accident was real.”

Over all this whole program was to teach student that being drunk while driving not only effects the people drinking , but it also effects the people around you.