League of Legends Club


Have you ever wanted to fight with friends arm to arm, at times of downfall, and arise with hope? Then League of Legend is for you, and even better the club itself.They are located at room building E210 and joining is as easy. The activities in the club range from online events, which can earn you scholarship money or in-game currency to being on the school’s team and fighting for the High School League (HSL) tournament with a winning prize of $30, 000. There is no grade requirement, only the will power to be a team player and if you say that you’re no good or never tried a Multiplayer online battle Arena (MOBA) before. Playing on a bad PC or mac, no worries as the league club can help you learn and enhance your game knowledge. The requirements for playing the game on your PC or mac, is also no problem as league will run on a sample 2 GHz processor with a windows 6 or higher and Mac OS X 10.8.5 or higher. There is a whole world open for you, choose your champion, summoner.