Cool Titans


Are you interested in anything that’s related to technology? Then you should join Cool Titans, a group where you can share your designs from Digital Art to video games, and Graphic design competitions in Photoshop. Their name was founded after Communication and Technology SLC. Anyone can join the club, You can join by participating at their meetings in E201, Mrs. Rivera’s classroom on Thursdays, usually they announce it. There are many activities to do in this club that varies from Movie nights where you watch movies on the projector with the rest of the class and game nights where they bring game consoles as they hook it up to the projector and play as a class. They fund-raise by selling food, drinks, and tickets at Throwdown, Asparagus festival, Game nights, Coupon Books, and Chocolate. Mainly their funds go towards to several field trips such as Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA, and Verizon headquarters. You’ll most likely get to see technology that is in the works or unreleased.