Titans For Christ


Looking for a fun and encouraging club? Titans For Christ is the one! They meet every other Tuesday in room D202 and is run by President Michelle Torres and Vice President Matthew Espinosa. The club was first made by a former student named Monique who stated she wanted to start a Christian club to “be a light on campus” and to spread the gospel. The club was made to give guidance and to help anyone who wants to know more about God.
Titans For Christ is a club for anyone, not just Christians, but for anyone who wants to know more about God or need encouragement can join. The club sometimes has a student who speaks and does a mini devotional for the members.
Michelle joined Titans For Christ fully motivated by her love for God, she wants to spread hope and love on campus to all students. Monique and Michelle both attended the same church and is constantly being kept on her toes by Monique to make sure she does her best. Titans For Christ is a very fun and encouraging club, if you’re looking to meet new very nice people or are curious about God join Titans For Christ! Remember anyone could join and are welcomed.