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Be part of this musical adventure.

Mariachi is a traditional Hispanic/Mexican type of folk music performed by CCHS students in Mariachi club. Analie Cruz, the president of the club, says that mariachi, “…is like its own culture because you learn music, but at the same time you learn a new language.” She also states that Mariachi is like a small family. Instruments are given to students to use. If students want to buy the instrument that they are interested in playing, then they could do that as well. Meetings and rehearsals are in room F147 after school daily. 

The Mariachi club although geared toward hispanic culture is open to all CCHS students regardless of the culture they are part of. The process to join, if you don’t currently play an instrument, would be to start with Mariachi 1-2 (beginning mariachi) with Mr. Talamantes; also known as Tito. If students do not have room for Mariachi 1-2 in their schedule, they can also go to the club meetings daily and sign up there.  Mariachi fundraises through school performances and by performing at gigs outside of school.