Courtesy of CCHS Alumni

Part of CCHS Drama Club

Drama, a group of individuals that like to have fun while learning about theater. So why not join and be part of it.

Drama club is run by Mr. Castanon (Drama Teacher) as director, and Sabrina Davila (CCHS Senior) as producer. There aren’t any requirements needed to join, other than to want to learn and have fun.

Mr. Cast has stated to many of his students that he had to join drama due to his mother being a drama teacher, meaning he has drama in his blood.

In other circumstances, Sabrina join because she didn’t have anything else to do after school. Later she stated that drama, “…is fun…and like a family.” She also said it helps her relieve stress.  

Cost is $5 for students with ID and children; $8 for adults. This is one way how they raise money for their next performance.

The location of performances is Odditorium/School Theatre, and doors usually open at 6:00 p.m. and the performance usually  starts at 7:00 p.m.

To prepare for a play, students and members meet either at D102 or Odditorium depending on the course the preparations. Besides from those meetings, there’s executive and planning meetings.

Once again join to participate and have fun.