Health Club


CCHS Health Club 4th period volunteers for the blood drive.

Interested in the field of Health, volunteering at the Blood Drives, going on field trips to hospitals and helping people who are sick? Well then the Health club of CCHS is the club for you. This club is ran by President Tori Ross and the Vice President Diana Aguilar. It is held in room D119, Thursdays after school. If you’d like to be a part of the scrub gang join Health Club they wear scrubs on Thursdays! They organize blood drives every semester to donate to the American Red Cross, as well as go on field trips to various hospitals to shadow doctors. The health club gives you a little taste of the health career life, and gives you one step ahead of the other students who are on the health pathway.

The health club also gives you an opportunity to volunteer at blood drives and other health activities on and off the school campus. The health club recently had a baby egg challenge, where anyone could participate in, which many signed up for.

So hurry and join the most exclusive scrub club. They will be having more engaging events, and activities for fellow health students, and there is no worry if you are not a health student, you are still welcome to attend any meeting, trips and/or activities to get the feel of what health really has to offer you on your ongoing pursue to be in the health field.