Music is a part our lives

Music plays a big role in my life. I listen to music everyday, it helps me get through the good and the bad times. To me music is a story being told with a melody.

I surveyed 50 people that I came In contact with through my school day. All 50 likes music and listens to it everyday. The multiple choice question I asked is, “What genre of music do you like most?” 50% of the people likes Hiphop/rap the most. 20% likes Pop, 12% Jazz, 10% all of the above’ 8% Rock and 0% none of the above. In each SLC at Cesar Chavez highschool hiphop/rap got the most votes. The females like were more of a hiphop/rap and pop lover and as for the males they were more of a hiphop/rap and rock lover. Six out of 50 people saw a music artist in concert. Ambrosia Marshall a freshman, got to see the famous Yg in October of 2014. Marshall said, “It was really exciting.” Himelda Perez a junior, got to see Drake Bell in May 2014. according to her it was, “pretty cool I guess.” Adeola Babatunde went to Ariana Grande in concert sometime in 2014. Adeola said, “it was really good.” Lacy Birch is a junior and stated, “it was the best thing i ever went to”, after seeing Mindless Behavior.

There is a lot of people around the world who listens to music and this survey proves that. Music is not only apart of my life its apart of there lives to.

What genre of music do you like most?

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