Class Colors

Students arrayed the campus last Thursday with black, gold, and white. Freshmans wore white, sophomores wore black, juniors wore gold, and seniors wore a mix of all colors to show their class spirit. For every student that dressed in their class color, their small learning community was recorded. Spirit week was perfect for homecoming. The crowning of our homecoming king and queen and all the spirit days taking place within that week really showed what spirit weeks are all about. Cesar Chavez glowed in a black, gold, and white that I have never seen before.

“I participated because I had the clothes available anyway,”  Jordane Stemen, senior of CAPA, said.Jordane Stemen

Despite the few people that did not participate, the class colors spirit day was a success. Some students were not aware of the day and others just did not feel like showing spirit for their class and small learning community.

Savannah Smith“Gold just isn’t my color,” Savannah Smith, junior of the CAPA SLC stated.

As students, we endure early mornings and tough workloads, but days like these really make a difference in our school year. Sure, school is hard, but when there are days like throw-down and homecoming, isn’t it worth it in the end? Especially for our seniors, who have had four years at the school and are getting ready for success.

ohai“It’s these kind of days that I think I am going to miss the most when I graduate,” Senior, Christy Touch belonging to Health SLC, said.

But it isn’t just seniors this is for, it is all of Chavez. A school year is meant to be tough and difficult, but you want to enjoy every second of it because sooner rather than later, it will be gone. You want to look back with friends and family and say, “Yes, I went to Chavez and it was the best four years of my life,” because high school is meant to be the stepping stone of your path to success. To do great things and to aspire to be better is what your teachers want from you. So sure, spirit days might be classified as childish, but if that means having fun at school with your friends, wouldn’t you want to do it?

In mythology, a Titan is a deity who has incredible strength. That is what we students have, the strength to succeed, the strength to win against all odds, the strength to endure change. We have our whole lives ahead of us, be proud to be a Titan, I know I am.