CCHS Oracle Halloween Issue

27-7 smackdown

Karma Savala, Alexandria, and Thomiyah Price

October 11, 2015

On the evening of October 2nd, our school's JV team won the JV homecoming game 27-7. Eryn Mcwhorter, the homecoming film director said, " The JV worked really hard this year in winning their homecoming game, and they definitely...

Class Colors

Joseph St. Jean

October 11, 2015

Students arrayed the campus last Thursday with black, gold, and white. Freshmans wore white, sophomores wore black, juniors wore gold, and seniors wore a mix of all colors to show their class spirit. For every student that dressed...

Music Monday 9-28-15

Guadalupe Corona, Jessica Mead, and Cecilia Moreno

October 11, 2015

The past week of September 28- October 2  was our Cesar Chavez Spirit Week in honor of Homecoming, where any student dressed as whatever the theme was provided for them. This year we had: Music Monday, College day, Career/SL...

Homecoming Candidates in Line for the Throne

Ashley Vazquez, Jesse Almanza, and Brian Jarrett

October 11, 2015

Homecoming 2016 The seniors of the class of 2016 were more excited than ever. This was one of the biggest events for students and the school since the school year started back in August.  Pride and excitement filled the hal...

Titans Effortlessly Defeat Red Hawks

Reca Caballero, Antonio Arteaga, and Sydnee Hendersen

October 11, 2015

Even with the pressures of homecoming, the Chavez's varsity football team pulled through and won against the Vallejo Red Hawks, 53-7. Homecoming is a prominent event where the school celebrates a new year and welcomes the alumni....

Chavez Homecoming: Titan Gear

David Phan, Xitlali Parada, and Yasmine Firme

October 11, 2015

Chavez's homecoming week was 9/31/15 - 10/4/15. The week was filled with much spirit, cheer, joy and cheerfulness coming from both, the students and staff. Throughout this week, staff and students dressed for spirit week to s...

Trick or Treat News for the Titans