27-7 smackdown

On the evening of October 2nd, our school’s JV team won the JV homecoming game 27-7.

Eryn Mcwhorter, the homecoming film director said, ” The JV worked really hard this year in winning their homecoming game, and they definitely got their foot in the door with this one”

The JV team definitely made a mark with all of their effort, countless hours of practice and training have finally come to a victory. “Coming into the game we felt that we were already going to get the win but, we wanted to give a show to the crowd, so that’s what we did,” said Jamal Fullard, JV quarterback.

In addition to our JV teams hard work, credit can also go to the Vallejo JV team for also playing a great game. Theres a lot of pressure at a homecoming game but our team acted as if their was no pressure at all and was totally confident on the field. “They are working hard to make a statement in JV and the Chavez program, they want chavez to be a powerful name when other teams play against them,” said Martin Garcia, Varisty Defensive tackle said.

The JV team felt more comfortable playing such a big game because it was a home game, with all the support of the school, events such as “spirit week” and ” Throwdown ” helped motivate the players to try their hardest at the game and win. Our school is extremely proud of the JV team for giving our school a good name and a good reputation. The JV boys did what they can on that field and they concord their victory . ┬áThe homecoming game always makes a great impact on the school every year and the JV team strives to work harder and harder to make their team feared by others.