Homecoming Candidates in Line for the Throne

Homecoming 2016

The seniors of the class of 2016 were more excited than ever. This was one of the biggest events for students and the school since the school year started back in August.  Pride and excitement filled the hallways of Cesar Chavez High School as the candidates running for king prepared the big day, Homecoming.

What went on the minds of the candidates?

This year, our seniors were filled with school spirit and lots of support towards each other.

Robert AguilarRobert Aguilar, senior in the CAPA SLC, said he liked the competition in running for homecoming the most. “I liked the competition. The candidates are all good people” he said. “I also liked how supportive everyone was towards each other.” Aguilar was nominated by the True Titans.

William Lauder
, senior in the  Health SLC, said he also liked the competition. “I liked the friendly competition,” he said. “That was the most fun.” Lauder was nominated by Health. With the help of his campaign managers, he promoted his way to the homecoming game.


Joseph Sealey, senior in the CT  SLC, was nominated by the Drama club. He said he liked running for homecoming king because of the courage he had when he ran. “I enjoyed running because I actually did it,” Sealey said. “It took courage but I stepped out my comfort zone rather than being too nervous or shy. I had fun and did it.”


Istiel Cortez, senior in the Health SLC, said he liked the attention that came along with running. “I liked being in the moment and being the center of attention for a few moments.” Cortez is an active Titan that participates in sports and music. He was nominated by Band.

lifetouch   Cy’ral Davis, senior in the Health SLC, was nominated by the National Honors Society. His favorite part of homecoming was participating in the rally that was in held in the quad during lunch the day of Homecoming. He, like many other candidates, thought the experience was enjoyable. “The whole experience was fun,” he said. “I liked being able to campaign.”

During the final moments of the homecoming voting, lots of suspense filled the hearts and minds of our candidates. These were the moments they all had been eagerly been waiting for. Out in the field, our candidates were shinning with smiles. Tense hands were held in the audience as they all awaited for the coronation of their new 2015 Homecoming king.