Brady’s Lucky Number 7


Brandon Yang

Waiting at their home stadium are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who after adding the ageless Tom Brady look to plunder the Chiefs of the Lombardi trophy. They will be back in the big game since 2002 and hope to add yet another ring to Brady’s diamond-studded hand.

While their 7-9 record last year was questionable there is no doubt now that the Bucs are dangerous now that they have Brady at the helm. They will enter the SuperBowl at full power on offense, with none of the starters suffering injuries. The defense could be in jeopardy however, four players, including starting linebackers Jason Pierre-Paul, Lavonte David, and starting safeties Antoine Winfield Jr and Jordan Whitehead all listed as questionable to participate in the Sunday contest.

After a shaky 7-5 start to the season capped off with a loss to the Chiefs, Tampa seemed to have finally flipped the switch. Currently, on a seven-game streak, and having to fight tooth and nail to make it this far. They have overcome Washington, New Orleans, and Green Bay in a gauntlet of nightmares, the Bucs haven’t suffered a loss since November of last year and don’t plan on ending the stretch anytime soon.

The Bucs’ offense is complex in many ways, but it all boils down to one important principle, do what Tom says. While Bruce Arians is the head coach seeing Brady take sole control of the offense is no surprise to the avid watcher. The six-time SuperBowl champion is a mastermind of the sport and can deconstruct a defense in front of him within moments. The Bucs up-and-down start can be attributed to the offense still adjusting to Tom’s little nuances and methods. However, now that the offense is firing on all cylinders there hasn’t been a team that could stop yet.

While there were many doubts from fans and haters alike about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ success, the team has finally gotten it together and have their sights set on bringing the fans their first SuperBowl since the Houston Texans entered the league.