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Homecoming Candidates in Line for the Throne

Ashley Vazquez, Jesse Almanza, and Brian Jarrett

October 11, 2015

Homecoming 2016 The seniors of the class of 2016 were more excited than ever. This was one of the biggest events for students and the school since the school year started back in August.  Pride and excitement filled the hal...

Students Excluded From Their High School Yearbook

Jorge Alcaraz, Reporter

June 4, 2015

Recently, two students believe that the reason that they were excluded from their school year book based solely on what they wore. Regardless of what the situation was or under what circumstances this happened under, there is...

With a Blink of An Eye

Soveni Ke, Reporter

March 26, 2015

Seniors in high school are ready to graduate. They have had the best four years of their lives and are ready to start a new chapter in their life as young adults. I surveyed 50 seniors at Cesar Chavez High School and majority...

Freedom of Lunch

Melissa Hewlett, Reporter

November 15, 2014

Most students will eventually sneak off campus at lunch. We do not want to eat the unappetizing school lunch that is given to us. All classes should be shortened by five minutes and added to lunch time, which is only 30 m...

Off Campus Passes for CCHS Seniors !!

Jessica Phin, Reporter

November 15, 2014

There are only a certain amount of people  that are able to leave the campus whenever they please. Some seniors even have the off campus card. But what about the rest of the seniors? Don't we deserve it? We believe that every...

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