Off Campus Passes for CCHS Seniors !!

Jessica Phin, Reporter

There are only a certain amount of people  that are able to leave the campus whenever they please. Some seniors even have the off campus card. But what about the rest of the seniors? Don’t we deserve it?

We believe that every senior should have the right to leave to the school campus to go get lunch. But we do also have to come back at least five minutes before class starts.

We need to show the administrators, campus security monitor, or the staffs that work here our ID card to show them that we are seniors. They can write our name and ID number down to keep track of who is leaving. This pass will go to all the Cesar Chavez seniors whether you walk or drive. Your just able to leave the campus and do what you have to do for a good amount of time.

We understand that you might think this idea of the off campus is ridiculous and irresponsible just because we are seniors and its our last year. But just over think all the negative things and look at the positives. It will make us more responsible because we would know that there would be consequences if we don’t  come back. And we can also lose or privileges going off campus.

By giving us a chance to see how the off campus passes goes it would make the lunch lines not as long and hectic, also there will be more lunch for the underclassmen. It would even make our senior year different  as in we were the only class that got to try it and it’ll also make it memorable here at CCHS.

I think this is a good idea and we should try something new !!”

— James Reed class of '15


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