Freedom of Lunch

Are your teachers using the whole class time that is given to them?

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“I think it is a great idea because it gives us a sense of freedom,”

— Noah Martinez

Most students will eventually sneak off campus at lunch. We do not want to eat the unappetizing school lunch that is given to us. All classes should be shortened by five minutes and added to lunch time, which is only 30 minutes long. Seniors and juniors should be given a distinct I.D. Only seniors and juniors would be allowed and if the student gets in trouble they would loose their off campus privilege. When any of us students gets in trouble we will simply have something to identify that we shall no longer be allowed to go off campus anymore.

We would be allowed after we receive our I.D. badges to go off campus. If any of us have cars. We would be required to register the car and it would be require to show a California drivers license and the car registration. This will help the school monitor us better and help keep the school safe.

Most of the teachers at the school would say it isn’t a good idea and don’t take the five minutes from class time. Yet majority of the teacher don’t even use the full class period. Actually less than half of the teachers at the school use their full 90 minutes of class time.

This is helping us students ditch but in reality we wouldn’t have to ditch if we would be allowed to go get food that we actually want to eat. Giving us, juniors and seniors, the chance to go off campus will help us learn responsibly and the chance to be given privileges. We should have space to learn and we need to be given trust by the school. We are almost adults so why should we not be treated as them. We, the students of Cesar Chavez, need to challenge the Stockton Unified School Board and the Cesar Chavez High School authorities to get the rights we should have as students.