Chavez Homecoming: Titan Gear

David Phan, Xitlali Parada, and Yasmine Firme

Chavez’s homecoming week was 9/31/15 – 10/4/15. The week was filled with much spirit, cheer, joy and cheerfulness coming from both, the students and staff. Throughout this week, staff and students dressed for spirit week to show off their pride for Chavez.

On Friday, the spirit day theme was Titan Gear which means students dress in class and club t-shirts as well as sports attire. Students dressed in their Chavez team uniform and some students even made their own shirts, tutus and other clothes to show Titan spirit.

Lavella Ramos and Luz Villalta, seniors (pictured above) said, “We want to make our senior year a year to remember.” They dressed in Chavez senior shirts they custom made themselves.

“We’re here to get turnt,” said senior George Massalry. “I dressed up because I have a game and I want to make homecoming lit.”

“Go big or go home,” quoted many of the seniors in the picture below before they headed back to class after getting their picture taken. This is the quote on the back of the Cesar Chavez class of 2016 shirt that many seniors sported.

Top Row: Kristy Vang, 12; Princess Carnecer, 12; Kassandra Gonzalez, 12; Maclean Vu, 12; Carrie Hang, 12; Alex Lopez, 11; Daniel Aquino, 12; Bottom Row: Jasmine Phim, 12; Angelina Sam, 12
Photo by David Phan
Top Row: Kristy Vang, 12; Princess Carnecer, 12; Kassandra Gonzalez, 12;
Maclean Vu, 12; Carrie Hang, 12; Alex Lopez, 11; Daniel Aquino, 12;
Bottom Row: Jasmine Phim, 12; Angelina Sam, 12

Students also showed school spirit by painting their face gold, black and white, our school colors. Many students had lightning bolts drawn on them, used gold glitter, or painted the words CCHS on their faces. A few students also made and wore tutus in Chavez colors, black, gold and white.

CCHS spirit was also spread to all of the Fall sports teams. For example, although football players are required to wear their jersey on game day, they were definitely showing their Chavez pride. A few tennis players were also all decked out in their uniform. This includes the tennis skirt and the top. A few volleyball players also wore their jerseys.

Tydiss Scott, (pictured below) sophmore said, “I basically dressed up to represent our school and the titans.” he later added, “We’re having fun and enjoying the school by showing people we are true titans.”

This spirit day was particularly easy to dress in as Lilliana Rondariso, 10 said, “I just threw on a jacket.”

Lilliana Rondariso,10 Tydiss Scott, 10 Darren Jr. Firme, 11 Dwayn Gomez, 10 Jordan HarGrove, 10
By: David Phan
Lilliana Rondariso,10; Tydiss Scott, 10; Darren Jr. Firme, 11; Dwayn Gomez,10
Jordan HarGrove, 10
Skyler Nguyen
Photo by Lifetouch

Skyler Nguyen, a freshman said, “Spirit week was cool. It was my first experience as a highschooler and it was very different from elementary school spirit days.”