Daniel Taylor’s Experience in the DUI Accident

The every fifteen minutes program (E-15), is a two day event for juniors and seniors. This program is based on how your decisions can not only put an impact on you, but also on others. This is shown by chosen students participating to experience what it’s like to get in a DUI accident because of drunk driving and/or texting while driving. This program informs you to have personal safety, responsibility, and also for you to think twice of your actions and its outcome.

Daniel Taylor was in fact one of the participants in E-15 as a living dead character. The living dead are those who were in the DUI accident, but didn’t survive. In order for them to experience what it felt like to be missed and being in this situation, they were not allowed to communicate with friends and family for the remainder of the two day event as if they actually passed away. Daniel expressed the fact that it had seemed so realistic, to the point where he was actually beginning to visualize his family and friends suffering from his death.

“You don’t realize how much lives matter until something actually happens,” said Daniel Taylor.

Daniel was a senior at Cesar Chavez High School, until he became a “living dead” in a fatal DUI accident because of a drunk driver crashing into his vehicle West of the 99 Speed Way in Stockton, California, during the every fifteen minutes program. This occurred on March 03, 2016, the day before his 18th birthday.

“It was a fun experience,” expressed Daniel Taylor. “It kind of brought out a side of others that you have really never seen before. ”

After all, the every fifteen minutes program was meant to have a lesson behind it all. It was created for teens to realize how important responsibility and your safety matters. Like Daniel Taylor said, “This program made me learn a whole lot than what I expected. Now in my daily life, all I do is think twice before performing an action.”


Daniel Taylor passed away due to a DUI accident, the day before his birthday. He will be missed by his family and friends.
Daniel Taylor was a sweet, honest, and hard-working gentlemen. He sadly passed away due to a DUI accident, the day before his birthday. He is survived by his family, friends and video production crew.  03/04/1998 – 03/03/2016