Vandalization, Senior Prank or Not?

CCHS Press, Reporters

Dear Student Body,

Last night, between May 28 or 29, 2015 there was an incident that occurred on our very own campus. Cesar Chavez High School was vandalized and put the blame on the class of 2015. For instance, eggs were thrown at many windows, detergent was spread on the floor as well as on door handles, and harsh comments were written on walls, gates, and floors. One message specifically stated, “Class of 15.” By writing this it implied that our current seniors were at fault.

Many of our students are extremely upset about the vulgar and disrespectful comments that were left on our buildings and school property. As a class we feel that it was out of place to dishonor our principals that have worked very hard to maintain this school and ensure that our school is a safe and reliable place for students. Also, it was unfair to jeopardize the class of 2015’s graduation as well as their remaining events and to blame the entire class.

To make it clear, this was not the senior class prank. This incident was an act of disrespect and foolish behavior towards our school. We believe that steps should be taken to find the people responsible for this and punishment should be enforced.


                                                                                                           CCHS Press