Goodbye CCHS

corrinaAs it comes down to my last 3 days here at Cesar Chavez high school iI’m starting to realize how much I’ve progressed since I was a freshman. I’ve matured and became so independent. Before I started high school everyone always told me my high school years were gonna fly by. They were not lying at all! When I started out as a freshman, I was so careless. I never tried in school, I was always getting in trouble by my mom for doing bad in school. I was ditching and failing most of my classes. Sophomore year I got better and started showing up and trying in my classes, I was passing them with better grades than D’s. Junior year I totally had my head on straight and was passing all of my classes along with going everyday. So now that I’m at my last year of high school I’ve definitely noticed change in myself, a lot of growing up as well and Being a child of a mother who never finished high school, I know I’ve made her proud. it’s been one bumpy road to get where I’m at now but I wouldn’t go back and change a thing. I’m definitely sad to be leaving high school forever because I feel like high school is really where I found myself, and realizing this is where the beginning of the rest of my life starts pretty much smacked me in the face and changed me for the better. I’m grateful I was able to have this high school experience and enjoyed it while it lasted. I’m also thankful for the teachers I’ve had that helped push me along the way of my struggles I had here and there. So some advice for the upcoming freshman, try your hardest your first 2 years of high school because those two are your most important if you really think about it. But don’t get me wrong school is important regardless. Just don’t let your friends stop you from accomplishing goals you already have set for yourself and the path you choose to go down is the kind of person people will define you as, beyond high school. So be smart. So with all that being said high school was a great experience for me and as much as i don’t want to let go, it’s time for me to move on and do BIG TIME things. Goodbye Chavez High