Which cake do you prefer to eat?

Brenda Beltran, Reporter


Many of people have different flavors of cakes they like to eat. For example, there’s chocolate, vanilla, orange, lime, marble, tres leches (three milk), and etc. Cakes are everywhere you could say like, parties, restaurants, and cafes. Plus people eat it with their coffee or a cup of milk, what children do. There’s people that wouldn’t change their cake flavor to a different one. Also, some people do not like cake at all because its either too dry for them or whatever reason they have, but the majority of the people do like cake, including myself. 

I have made a survey on what kind of flavors some students like to eat in my school. These flavors were included: chocolate, vanilla, tres leches (three milk), and none of the above.


Since chocolate is very commend to everyone, the majority of the students picked chocolate. Especially children love chocolate cake, who doesn’t like it. Which you could see on the graph, I surveyed 50 people and  34% of the students picked chocolate the most.


28% I surveyed picked vanilla, less than chocolate. Also, vanilla is a commend cake that people will pick as well. People pick vanilla because it’s not that sweet or chocolaty as other cakes are. Even though it gives a good taste, it also taste way better when you put fruits inside of it.

Tres leches (three milk) 

The third choice came up to 22%. Not as many as the first two, the reason for that is people don’t like milk and the cake it like wet. The majority of the people I surveyed were Hispanic, tres leches was their first pick, they didn’t had to think I twice. Since mainly Hispanic’s love that type of cake.

According to the sophomore who is part of CAPA SLC, Maria Chavez said,  “Tres leches cake, is life!!”

None of the above

The fourth choice was for the people that didn’t like any of my choices. It was either they liked a different flavor, didn’t like cake at all, or they preferred something else. Only 16% of the people picked none of the above. Which it’s fine because not every person likes the same thing as others do. Some people had responded to this choice.

A Junior who is part of the Law SLC, Frankie Cortez said, “None!! I like strawberry cake!”

A sophomore who is part of the Engineering SLC, Jorge Alcaraz, said “Because I like pie better!”

Which cake do you prefer to eat?

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