What are your feelings about the up coming prom?

final for graph #2This years 2015 Prom is coming up and for some people it has to be the most perfect night of their lives or years of high school. But everyone has their own different feelings about Prom.

Some may say it’s fun and exciting to go to but others would say that its boring because its not their type of thing to do.

It might be to expensive to go to, that’s why people are less interested in going or they can’t afford it.

The rest of them, this particular night might be very important to them and they don’t mind the cost of it because they want to make it perfect.

Students want to enjoy it and experience it as senior Alberto Negrete said, “It’s the biggest event in senior year”. Negrete seems very eager to take his girlfriend to prom and make their night a very special one.

But there are some difficulties that come with going to Prom, which is the cost of it. Just to have two people go would cost about $114. Most students that go to Chavez would say that it’s to expensive to go, such like junior Russell Green said, “It’s hard to come up with all that money”. Also besides the tickets there is more to buy. Senior Naheli Gallardo says, “the tickets are to expensive, you still have more thing to buy after you get your tickets”. I believe this is why most peole can’t go.. because they can’t afford it.

Besides the cost of prom this year, people would say that it is boring and not worth going too. Senior Bryan Figueroa said, “it doesn’t define your senior year”.

What I got out of all this examining of peoples feeling about prom, I’ve realized that most people don’t want to go because it’s to expensive or they can’t afford it. The tickets cost $57 for one person. Most people have dates, so all together that would cost $114 not including everything else they would have to buy for the event. Besides the negativity of it being so expensive, it is also very important for some people to go and make it a special night for themselves and possibly their date as well.