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Are you going to Prom2015?



Prom is the highlight of your high school career as some say.It is a special event that is mostly important to a lot of high school students.Some say if you are lucky enough to get invited to prom from a upperclassmen,It will be an unforgettable experience.Prom is also an excuse for girls to get all girly and glamorous for their dates.

Since prom is 2 months away i made a survey based on how many people will attend prom 2015.

64% said yes,14% said No, and 22% said maybe.For the people who are going,The theme will be Starling Night and it will be located at Hutchins St. Square on May 2,2015.from 7 until 11pm.


Luckly some seniors and juniors were able to give me some of their own opinions and thoughts about prom.”I’m a little excited,”Jerrica Kennedy said. “Hopefully this will be a night to remember.”

Rosette Hing,senior,said.”As a senior prom is a magical night because you only get to experience it once in your life.”

“Prom is a memorable night that you wouldn’t want to miss.” said Alberto Reyes,senior.

“Can’t wait for prom,” said Shayla Chavez.”I’m excited.”

You can say prom is a big event for most,not all but most seniors and juniors.

Are you going to prom this year?

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