Favorite Chocolate

Who doesn’t chocolate, am I right? For most people chocolate is something that they can not live without. But for others it is something they can live without. There are many different kinds of many chocolate but there a few that remain everybody’s favorite. Among them are: Twix, Butterfingers, York, Snickers, Hershey’s and Other.

The Chocolate Champion

Everybody has their own favorite kind of chocolate bar. The one that they can not pass by without picking one up… or five. Out of the 50 students surveyed the results varied, but majority sided with Twix, being their favorite. On the other hand a few student chose other and gave some interesting answers. 

Macy Bryant, a sophomore, said, “Lindt Truffles.”

Another student, Xitlali Parada, yet again a sophomore said, “yes, all of the above.”

What is your favorite chocolate?

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