CCHS disgusting restrooms

Chainarung Dechyothin, Reporter

School restrooms can be a pain to go into but sometimes we just got to go. Restrooms are dirty most of the time and stink 24/7


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The schools restroom may stink depending on the type of person that uses the restroom. The restroom usually stinks of cologne, poo, pee, smokes and sometimes all of those smells combined. The reason why the restrooms stink so much is probably because all that air is stuck in that one room. There is only one way it can go through which is the entrance of the restroom.

“Every time I walk into the restrooms I feel like I am going to die of loss of oxygen.” Said Anthony Moser

“It stinks in there!” Said Brenda Beltran

The restrooms look dirty and makes you want to just walk out. Many can agree that the restrooms are dirty and gross. Maybe its not really dirty and it just looks dirty.

“Whenever I walk into the restroom to wash my hands I feel like I get dirtier.” Said Eduardo Estrada

“There is NEVER any soap in there! That  means there are a lot of people out there with dirty hands!” Said Christian Aldrete

Likes soap so he could clean his hands
Likes soap so he could clean his hands

Some people don’t use the restroom to use it, instead they use it to get away from class. Learning can be a bore so asking to go to the restroom is a way to get away from learning. Some use the restrooms for other personal reasons.

“I know it may stink but it gives me a place to escape from learning for a little while.” Said Kyle Dechyothin