Best Rappers of Today

Nowadays, rap music has evolved through the process of our current media and impacted  the youth of our generation. Whether it’s old school rappers to our current rappers that represent our modern society, they all complete to be number one. Of course, depending on the public view on a certain type of rapper they prefer, everyone has their own taste. Some might love it, while some might not. So, I wonder, who do you think is the best rapper of today?


At Cesar Chavez high school, I surveyed 50 students asking them “Do you like rap music and who do you think is the best rapper of today?”. About 47 out of 50 students responded yes, with their choice of their “best” artist.

One of the junior students that attends Chavez, Jordan Cramer commented, “I like listening to rap music because it’s fire, Yeezus (Kanye) all the way.”

While on the other hand, another junior, Kristy Vang said “I don’t like rap music, I’m more into country…”

Not everyone has the same taste in music; however, most student that were surveyed said they do enjoy rap music. The majority selected Kanye West as today’s best rapper.

By creating  this poll I realized that not all people like to listen to rap music, but most of the youth do. Rap music can, of course, change a person. Whether people like rap music or not, there will always be a new “best” rapper of the next up coming generation.