Chili Meat Dinner

Alyssa Hernandez, Reporter

The chili meat was first generated at my grandma Andrea’s house. She taught my mom, Patricia, at a young age. She showed her many different dinners so when my mom grew up didn’t have to worry

When my mom makes this dish she will include rice and beans with a side of tortillas. She doesn’t own a restaurant but if she did she would make a lot of money.

The main dish is basically chili meat. She first prepares all the ingredients. She cuts up the meat, onions and gets out garlic salt and pepper. When you first walk into my house you can smell the garlic salt mixed in with pepper that gives this really strong delicious smell. The meat is very soft and tender and almost tastes as if it was chicken. The meat, garlic salt, pepper, and onions do not cost a lot at all.

As for a side dish or also known as a secondary food item is rice and beans. My mom first gets two small cup full of white rice. Then she gets out her tomato sauce to give the white rice some flavor and the red color of the Mexican rice. Once she gives that time to cook in she adds a cup of water, garlic salt and pepper. This process takes about twenty to thirty minutes to fully cook.

As for the beans she buys a regular can of pinto beans and puts them in a pot for them to cook.

My mom, Patricia, is amazing she cares for everyone and puts whoever comes over before herself. I recommend this dish because it is not expensive and its fast and delicious. Depending on how much you make this whole meal can feed up to five people or more.

I hope to learn this meal and make it as perfect as she does.

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I wouldn’t want nobody elses chili meat but hers.”

— Kayla Woodard