In-n-out burger

The 4×4 animal style burger with a side of animal fries and a strawberry shake is a delicious way to stop that growling stomach and to crave your hunger. The place

In-n-out is good place to eat

— emily

where it has all of this is a simple and relaxing place called, in-n-out .                                                                                         In-n-out burger is a located at 2727 W March Ln, Stockton, CA. Another way to say it is by saying that it’s by Brookside . In 1948 the place was founded by Henry and Esther Synder in Baldwin park.

The food that I order was a 4×4 animal style burger. The 4×4 is a burger that has four patties and  four cheese slices with there special sauce called animal style. The appearance of the burger makes is that you can tell that it has been freshly made and delicious. The taste is truly amazing with the juicy meat and the sauce dripping.

The secondary food item that I got was a side or animal fries and a small strawberry shake. The fires were smothered in animal style sauce which goes perfectly with the hot fries. As for the shake its a nice and cold sweet drink and dessert.
The service at in-n-out burger is good you get your food. They take your order with a smile and they don’t get your order wrong. But the only problem is that it might take awhile.

I would like to recommend this place because they have good food and good service.

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