The Best quesadilla comes from the burrito truck.

Rayniko Flores, Reporter


The burrito truck is a truck that sells tacos, burrito’s, quesadilla’s and plenty more foods and drinks.

The burrito truck that I usually go to is down the street from my school in the Burlington Coat factory parking lot.

A quesadilla is a tortilla that comes with lettuce, cheese, sour cream,and your choice of meat, but a quesadilla has a rough texture to it. A quesadilla coast five dollars, but if you choose to add extra meat, cheese, sour cream or anything else it will coast a dollar extra to add stuff.

A secondary food that i would eat is tacos. Tacos coast a dollar twenty-five, tacos come with meat, tortilla and cheese. The texture usually is soft and not rough like a quesadilla.

The service is good, they don’t take long to cook your food at all. The burrito truck looks like a big truck that has writing on it such as like the names of the food that they are selling.

I would recommend people to go eat there because it is cheap,fast and good. If you took your family there it wouldn’t coast as much as it would if you took your family to a restaurant.

I like my quesadillas super cheesy.”

— Kayla Woodard