I Dream of Jeannie Sitcom Assignment

I Dream of Jeannie is an American sitcom with a fantasy premise. A sitcom is a situation comedy. This sitcom is quite interesting and funny. Watching one episode makes you want to continue watching the whole season and find out what happens next.

One of the main characters would be Barbara Eden starring in the role of the blonde,beautiful 2,000 year old outgoing genie, named Jeannie who’s in love with her master Tony. Another main character would be Larry Hagman starring as a handsome astronaut who becomes her master named Tony Nelson.

The minor character of the show would be Hayden Rorke as Colonel Dr. Alfred Bellows. Who notices Tony is suffering from illutions since noone believes his genie story. Although the doctor is a minor character he plays a big role which gives the twist in the storyline.

I Dream of Jeannie epsiode 1 consists of an astronaut Tony Nelson who finds a beautiful 2,000 year old genie in a bottle after a flight gone wrong. The genie grants him the wish of a helicopter which takes him home. She instantly becomes attached to him since he is now her master, and leaves back home with him without him knowing. Jeannie doesn’t mind Nelson having a fiance or having his life together, all she wants is to be part of his life now. She’s doing everything possible for his finace to leave him because she wants to take her place.

I Dream of a Jeannie was the best sitcom of the four that were shown because it was funnier and more interesting then all the other sitcoms. It left students wanting to watch more and wondering what was going to happen next. This sitcom is intersecting because while your watching it your wondering, what else will Jeannie do to get Nelson, how far will she go, or what crazy scheme is she planning next to get rid of his finace.

The sitcom I Dream of Jeannie should be braught back into the 21st century because people will enjoy it now and much as they it enjoyed it before. The show would get more than 1,000 views and fans will rave about the show. People till this day would probably pay to watch this sitcom air once again.

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