The Brady Bunch Sitcom Review

A sitcom means a situation comedy. “The Brady Bunch”, a situation comedy about mike who had three boys marrying Carol who has three girls. After the death of mikes wife, he’s left alone to raise his three boys with the help of there housekeeper/ nanny who’s always there. This sitcom is the funniest and relatable sitcom

The main characters starting with the girls and their mother are: Tyler, there dog, Marcia Brady who was played by Maureen McCormick, Jan Brady who was played by Eve Plumb, Cindy Brady who was played by Susan Olsen, Carol Brady, the girl’s mother who was played by Florence Henderson. Now there are the boys: Greg Brady who was played by Burry Williams, Peter Brady who was played by Christopher Knight, Bobby Brady who was played by Mike Lookinland, and Mike Brady, the boy’s father who was played by Robert Reed.

The first episode of “The Brady Bunch” was about Mike and Carol wedding. They were both nervous the morning of their wedding. During the wedding, the boy’s dog chases the girl’s cat and ruins the wedding. Mike and Carol go on their honeymoon after both yelling at the kids. After going thru a hour or two of guilt, they both go back home to retrieve the boys and girls to enjoy their honeymoon with them.

“The Brady Bunch” was better than any other sitcoms that aired during that time. Reviews show that it was the best sitcom of all time, and it truly was. Nothing  can top “The Brady Bunch”.

If “The Brady Bunch” was to be revamped it should stay the same. No changes should be made, its awesome the it was and its eye catching.