The Brady Bunch

“The Brady Bunch” is a sitcom of  5 seasons and 117 episodes total. The premise of the sitcom is when their spouses died. Mike and Carol Brady premised one big family. A sitcom is a situation comedy. The Brady Bunch is a classic situation comedy that has become a cornerstone of popular culture. Mike Brady, a widow architect with three boys (ranging in age from 7 to 13) marries Carol Martin, a single young mother with three young girls (ranging in age from 6 to 12); the reason for her being single was never explained. The couple and their formerly seperated families become one close-knit, one family. The family shared a four bedroom house in an unnamed suburb of Los Angles, of which Mike desinged. Other members of the Brady family was Mike`s housekeeper; Alice Nelson, who now served as the family`s housekeeper, and Tiger: the biys beloved pooch.

There is Robert Reed as Mike Brady the “dad”, Florence Hendersen as Carol Brady the “mom”, Ann B. Davis as “the housekeeper” as Alice Nelson, Christopher Knight as “Peter”, Mike Lookinland as “Bobby”, Maureen McCornick as “Marcia”, Susan Olsen as “Cindy”, Barry Williams as “Greg”, and Eve Plumb as “Jan”.

One of the minor characters do sometimes interact with the major characters. Such as Allan Melvin as “Sam Franklin” and Robbie Rist as ” Oliver”.

The very first episode of “The Brady Bunch” of season 1 episode 1 is about “The Honeymoon”. Mike and Carol`s wedding is a true family affair, complete with six children, two pets and a maid. And after the wedding ends in chaos, their honeymoon becomes an family affair.

Recommendation to revamp the series for the 21st century is to make it into a movie with different actors acting in it but it will still be the same meaning of the series.