Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Have you ever wanted to go a park with 21 rides, shows, and attractions? If so, then Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is the place for you! With their extravagant, adventurous, and exciting sights you’ll love every minute of it!

Built in 1929, Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is located in Canon City, Colorado. You should definitely visit Royal Gorge bridge because it’s a great family bonding trip, historic place, and very fun activities.

“I absolutely love visiting here! I have family in the area so that is what lead us to this beautiful attraction! There is so much to do and see,” Brandi LN Near Cherry Hill J said. “ I am not a thrill enthusiast so the zip-lining, bungee is not for me but it’s great to watch others do it! I love the train and the bridge walk. My son loved it  no matter how many times we go  we never grow tired of the beauty of the gorge! Take the train or the elevator down into the gorge  you won’t regret it!”

Currently Royal Gorge Bridge is closed due to a wild fire on June 11, 2013 that destroyed 48 of the 52 structures on the grounds.

“The good news is the Bridge is in great shape, we are fast tracking design and construction for the Park reconstruction. We want as much local involvement as possible. This Park belongs to the community,”  Eppink (from the Park)  said.

The bridge is projected to open in the summer 2014. Visit for further updates or call (888) 333-5597 for more info regarding area attractions. Payment information will be available as the park reopens.

To visit Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Canon City, Colorado, take 1-25 South to Hwy 115, South Hwy 50, 8 minutes west of Canon City. For more better, and detailed directions visit map on Google type in your address and the park’s address for door to bridge directions.