In-N-Out ,Greatness In Your Mouth

daefadinnout innout menuOnce upon a time the was a little fast food restaurant, In N out. In my opinion it is one of the best fast food resturants I have beeen to in my entire life. I would never like to wait in a long line and still have to wait after, but for In N Out I would of course. When you take the first bite your like this delicious.

“This is the $h!t’ said junior Moses A.

There isn’t various kind of burger,but the only three are perfect. For those people that don’t like bread, there is one that is wraped in lettuce with no bread.

There are three diffrent kind of burger “#1, #2,and #3”. The #1 is the biggest #2 is medium and oviously #3 is the smallest. The fries are also very delicious. There are special fries you can ask for. They are called “animal fries.” Those are regular fries with there spicial sauce called “spreAd”.

I do indeed recomened you go go to In N Out to eat, but I must warn you it gets packed. Every burger you find in In N Out is delicious I insist. It is a good and apropiate place to go with family or friends. I am Jesus Carbajal and I apProve this message.Im done!