Eating from McDonald’s dollar menu

Dollar menu at McDonald’s

A nice warm bun with lettuce, mayo and warm crispy chicken, for only a dollar. Now that’s a deal that you can only get at the delicious and cheap Mcdonald’s.

Mcdonald’s offers a “Dollar Menu” meaning of course that everything on that side of the menu is only a dollar. This dollar menu includes a drink of any size (large being the best choice) for a dollar. This too includes the McChicken and other things for each only a dollar.

McDonald’s is a chain restaurant that is all around the world. They’re usually not hard to find. There’s a McDonald’s at about every corner. The company was founded May 15, 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. Their numbers of locations are 34 thousand worldwide.

The chicken on the McChicken is perfect! Not too hot yet not cold. The McChicken can be eaten with sweet and sour, with ketchup or simply with nothing. The sweet and sour is simply that, a mix between sweet and sour sauce that you can dip your McChicken in. Sweet and sour is originally used on chicken nuggets but throughout the years people have began to use it on there burgers to the point where they’ve began to charge for it.

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“McChicken’s are good,” said Shameka Fore’. Lisa Hansen said, “

McChickens are delicious and affordable

— Lisa Hansen

.” McDonald’s is a great place because sometimes people want to eat out but don’t want to spend too much, McDonald’s is the answer!

The biggest McDonald’s in the world is in London. It is a two story, and seats 1,500 people only inside (not including outside).

You can never go wrong with McDonald’s whether your ordering a McChicken, a McDouble or a drink, each costs a dollar and all tastes delicious. Everyone loves McDonald’s.