All you can eat

Instagram users, get out your phones; the sushi is here!

Nowadays, sushi is something most Americans are quite familiar with, not something foreign and exotic.  In this generation, going out to eat at a sushi restaurant/buffet is “trendy” and “hip”, like getting coffee from Starbucks. Who knew food could be trendy?

Sushi House Buffet in Stockton, California opened not too long ago, and already has many positive reviews.

The history of sushi in Japan began in the eighth century. The original type of sushi was created as a way of preserving fish in a rice mold. People didn’t start eating the rice with the fish until the Muromachi period, and vinegar wasn’t added to the rice until the Edo period (created by Hanaya Yohei). Now, it’s known as a form of fast food associated with Japanese culture.

Sushi at restaurants and buffets are usually made fresh, which tastes a whole lot better than the packaged, refrigerated sushi at local grocery stores. Sushi mainly consists of vinegared rice combined with raw fish or other types of seafood. In some sushi dishes, the seafood inside is deep-fried, so when you take a bite, you get a nice crispy crunch along with the softness of the rice. Most modern sushi have special sauces (and sometimes fish eggs too) drizzled over the top. If customers want an extra spicy kick to their meal, wasabi paste is usually available beside the sushi roll.

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Sushi House Buffet offers a small variety (compared to sushi restaurants) of sushi rolls. They are made fresh and  in front of the customers at the sushi bar. Some are made and put onto little boats that travel around the bar for customers to take as much as they please. Other sushi rolls have to be specially ordered.

What can be possibly better than having all of that sushi available whenever you want it?  Wait for it… Chinese food!

Sushi House also offers delicious Chinese food that will have your mouth watering before you even get to think about the sushi! However, it is advised that if your sole purpose is to eat sushi, try not to stuff yourself with Chinese food first.

The interior of the buffet is bright and inviting. Although, the seating areas are a bit too small, such as the booths. The walls are mostly bare, with a few pictures here and there. The buffet also has a separate dining area for larger groups that need extra space. Another plus is the customer service.

It’s cheap and affordable for sushi lovers. Plus, it’s all you can eat.

— Amara Prohm

If you, anyone you know, or just a stranger asking for recommendations want a place to enjoy a sushi meal with a side of Chinese food, don’t hesitate to go to Sushi House Buffet. Not only do you get to enjoy a hardy, affordable meal that will keep you full for the rest of the day, but it’s also a great way to bond with friends and families. Bonding over food is the best way to bond.