The Adventures of Gilligan

An old show that use to aire on CBS . Now you could watch it on MeTv.

Gilligan’s Island first appeared on CBS on September 26, 1964 and ended September 4, 1967 , only lasting three seasons. Showing everyday at 8 to 9 p.m.

Gillian’s Island was probably one of the greatest shows in its prime. If you compare them to now this show is way better than what the show now on the kids shows. The characters were so original we had the professor, the millionaires, Gillian, and etc. The probably had to make these changes to today’s show cause the new generation, But who’s say we can have seven people stranded on an unknown island.

If it weren’t for shows like this there wouldn’t be any funny old school types of actions like something getting dropped on you head or having your foot get stomped on . You can say that that this show is or was the original Lost.

In my opinion the episodes that we watched were sorta funny, but probably to the old generation it was the most funniest show they have ever seen.