Gilligan is silly

Gilligan’s Island is back on me TV Monday-Thursday @8pm

GI - Kassandra TurciosGilligan’s Island first aired in September 26, 1964 and ended in September 4, 1967. It was on CBS. The show is a comedy.

Gillligan was childish and funny. He was always getting into trouble and doing the complete opposite of what he was told. Skipper on the other hand was a bit grumpy. He was strict and didn’t find Gilligan’s humor or ideas amuzing yet he would still ask him for help sometimes.

Thurston Howell also known as the millionare was probably the richest one stuck on the island. He was a serious man with a lot of money. Eunice Lovelle Howell was the millionare’s wife. She was older and she too was a bit serious but that didn’t stop her from engagging with the other girls, as well as helping out. Ginger Grant was the movie star of the show. She really only cared about herself and her career but was still nice to theĀ others. Professor Roy Hinkley was probably the smartest one stuck on the island with great ideas on how to get rescued. He too was very serious. Mary Ann Sunmers was the farm-girl. She was sweet and always doing the chores around the island.

Gilligan’s Island was basically about seven people who got stuck on an island. In the theme song which is played at the begining of every episode it explains exactly what happen. It states that the seven people were all going on a three hour tour, then the weather got rough and the ship was tossed, and that’s how they got stuck on the island.

In the episode “Don’t bug the Mosquitoes” which was series number 48 on season two aired on December 9, 1965. The group “the Mosquitoes” which so happens too be Gilligans favorite band lands on the island. They plan to stay there for a while to get a break off crazy fans. Gilligan ofcourse reacts like a crazy fan which makes them want to leave, they finally decide to stay but at the end leave because the seven people were acting too crazy when they had planned a way to get the Mosquitoes of leaving the island that way they would get rescued. The Mosquitoes ended up leaving and not taking them.

Gilligan’s show was a good show at it’s time. It seems like if they would play it now (which they are) not too many people would care for it, ofcourse unless if it was people from back then when it first came out. The show was appropriate for kids under age and was funny.