Gilligan is Hilarious

GI - Giselle Menchaca.Gilligan’s Island was first aired on September 26,1964. The first two years were aired in black and white. By season two color was incorporated. This classic sitcom was aired on CBS up until the last episode that was held on September 4, 1967. The show lasted three seasons long, 98 episodes to be exact. Sherwood Schwartz created a hilarious show that was appropriate for the whole family to watch. If you have not caught a glimpse of the show it’s not too late! Gilligan’s Island is now showing on ME TV, channel 3.2, Monday through Thursday at 8 p.m. Showing two back to back episodes.

The silly and naive Gilligan was played by Bob Denver. Gilligan’s real name was never realeased until Schwartz mentioned on the DVD release that he would’ve preferred the full name of “Willy Gilligan” for the character. The World War II veteran Alan Hale, Jr. better known as Skipper Jonas Grumby played sort of a father figure to Gilligan but also a best friend.

The rich Harvard graduate, Jim Backus took the role of Thurston Howell III, a sophisticated millionare. Natalie Schafer better known as Eunice Lovelle Wentworth Howell played as the millionare’s wife. The beautiful playboy model Tina Louise starred as Ginger Grant, a famous movie star. Rusell Johnson was the intelligent Proffessor Roy Hinkley, Ph.D. Mary Ann Summers, a simple farm girl was played by Dawn Wells.

This American sitcom followed the adventures of seven castaways who constantly attempted to escape the island and failed to do so at every attempt.

In episode 17 “You’ve been disconnected”, Gilligan finds this odd long tube down at the lagoon. The proffessor announces that it is a telephone line and they start to break into the tube and tap into the lines. Out of nowhere a huge storm hits. The morning after the crew rushed down to the lagoon only to find that the tube was gone. Their best chance to get rescued had slipped away.

This show is definetely a must watch. It’s something that the whole family can enjoy. It’s filled with great adventures and and comical nonesense. It’s ridiculously funny!