Tune in for a night of fun with Gilligan’s Island

Gilligan’s Island will leave you amused and entertained.

Gilligan’s Island first aired on September 26, 1964. Sadly, it shortly ended within it’s third season, September 4, 1967. During the three seasons, it aired on CBS. However, today, it reruns on meTV, channel 3.2 at 8 p.m on Mondays-Thursdays. There are two episodes every night, providing an hour of this very entertaining show.

Bob Denver stars as Gilligan in this comical television show. His signature color is red, continously wearing the colored shirt in each episode aired. His character tends to turn things upside down when the crew of seven finds help in different factors that end up on the deserted island. Gilligan’s partner in crime is Skipper, known for his color of blue. As the audience, one gets to experience the friendship between them.

Most of the episodes focus on Gilligan and the mistakes he causes for the whole crew of seven which includes, Mary Ann Summers (Dawn Wells) who’s a farm girl from Kansas, Ginger Grant (Tina Louse) as an actress, Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus) as a millionaire, his wife Eunice “Lovey” Howell (Natalie Schafer), and The Professor (Russell Johnson).

In Season 2, Episode 12 “Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes,” the islanders discover that a famous rock band, “The Mosquitoes” have set camp on their deserted island to get away from fans and the celebrity life. This episode is especially entertaining because it portrayed how Gilligan, Skipper, Mr. Howell, and The Professor try to create their own band to try to go back to civilizatioin with “The Mosquitoes.” It turns out that in the end, “The Bugs” weren’t very great after all. When the girls, Mary Ann, Ginger, and Lovey attempt to make their own band, “The Mosquitoes” discover that if they were to take the girls back to civilization, it’d be too much competition, therefore leaving the seven islanders back to grade one, deserted.

In many of the episodes, the islanders always find some opportunity to escape the island, only to be disadvantaged. Gilligan’s Island makes the audience grow close to the characters, feeling the humor and the comical aspect the show gives.

All in all, Gilligan’s Island is a show appropraite for people of all ages. It provides entertainment and it’s a comedy. Who doesn’t love a comedy? Although some of the actions taken place can be over exaggerated, it provides a sense of humor that leaves you wanting more.