Gilligan’s Island is an interesting show!

Gilligan’s Island will once again air on MeTv.

“Gilligan Island” was first air on September 26, 1964 on CBS. It went for three seasons til September 4, 1967. The first season was in black and white. In the following seasons they changed to color, since the show was more life like in color. You can watch “Gilligan Island” everyday at 8pm on MeTv. They would show two espiodes, so it will be on for an hour. Gilligan Island is a intresting show to watch that most people would enjoy.

GI - Kassandra Gonzalez

Bob Denver stared as (Willie) Gilligan who would always somehow mess up any chance the people had a chance to get off the island. -Alan Hale Jr. who starred as (Jonas Grumpy) the Skipper who was the captain of the SS Minnow was always ready to get off the island so whenever he found a way he tried his hardest for it to work. From watching a few episodes, Skipper and Gilligan’s relationship was a love hate.

Mary Ann Summers (Dawn Wells) was the little farm girl from Kansas. The Professor (Russell Johnson) was the smart one who continuously came up with ideas to get them off the island. Ginger Grant ( Tina Louise) was the actress/movie star who always somehow ended up with new clothing everyday. Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus) and his wife Eunice “Lovey” Wenworth Howell (Nathalie Schafer) were the rich couple on the island who always talked about their stocks, brokers, and the opera. They all tried to come up with different ideas to get off the island.

This show was the only show whose theme song told the background story of how the people ended up on the island. The first season was in black and white, until the writers and producers saw that “Gilligan’s Island” was meant to be in color. This show would  appeal to most people, but mainly kids because it is a stupid, funny type of show that can catch kids attention. In most of the episodes, they usually find a way to get off the island, but somehow Gilligan accidentally ruins the plan.

On episode 17 of season two, “You’ve been Disconnected” was about how a storm occured and when it was over Gilligan found a telephone wire. The professor tried different ways to cut the wire open to be able to contact someone from the United States, but at the end another storm came in and washed away the wire. The professor and Skipper both thought that  they would be rescued in a few months, but Gilligan informed them that he wrapped up the wire in rubber so that it would not get wet.

In our opinion, this show was not that bad. It was actually pretty funny and appealing to watch because it is like most tv shows on now that kids our age watch. It may not catch the eye of older more mature people, but it will catch the eye of little kids up to the age of 15.