Gilligan is very funny

Gilligan loves to rome around.

There is a TV show that I personaly like. I know it’s the top-rating show because everyone love’s it. It still comes on Mondays-Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. This tv show is super funny and it’s diffrent from what i normaly watch.

Bob denver also known as Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island. He is super funny and always messing up. He is always trying to help something or someone.Graduated from Loyola University in Los Angeles. Denver suffered a broken neck in 1956 which prevented him from getting inducted in the army. He had a son named colin iwth dreama and had three other children with previous marrages. Alan Hale Jr is known as The Skipper. He is always hitting gilligan in the head with his hat every time gilligan does something wrong. Alan Hale died of cancer, he was only 71 years old. He was a great physical comic and a strong and funny man.

In Gilligan’s Island there is Jim backus (Thurston Howell) he is the rich man on Gilligans Island. He was 76 years old when he had past away. He had Parkinson’s disease for many years. He was in about 50 episodes and won two Academic Awards. He was in the Military Institute outside of Louisville, and graduated in 1933. Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Lovely Howell). Them to are something eles they are always thinking there better and showing and telling everyone how much money and dimands they have. Natalie was an actress best known as the standed millionairs wife. She died on wesday of cancer and she was only 90 years old. She was a great actress and a great person. Tina Louise (Ginger Grant). She is the hollywood star, who really wants to go home and be a star again and she found out that someones going to make a movie about her and she wants to play herself. Her father ran many candy stores so she got what she wanted. She studied Drama at Miami University. Russell Johnson (Professor) he thinks that he’s the smartest person alive. He trys to get them off the island so many times and he likes to make invintions that would help them get off.He was in World War 11. Studied at Actors Lab. The last one is Dawn Wells (Mary Ann Summers) she is the one who washes clothes and trys to keep gilligan away from her clean things. Mary is really good friends with Ginger they are always together.

This show is very funny. It might be an old show but I think alot of people would like it. In of all the episode’s the theme song tells you what happen and why there traped on the island.

In just 30 minutes gilligan and his friends will go from cutting wood to trying to make a circus with a lion .

Gilligan’s Island i believe is the top-rated show. I think if you would watch it you would think the same thing.