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A classic burger is a good burger

Osvaldo Gonzalez, Reporter

May 26, 2016

Introduction Ever wanted a good, fresh, authentic burger with the best freshly made fries that you can actually taste the quality, love, and passion? Well In-N-Out is the answer to your problem. This fast-food joint started in 1948 in Baldw...

CCHS Students Opinions On Hamburgers

Gabriela Hernandez, Reporter

April 10, 2016

Hamburgers are round patties of ground beef which include various condiments. Hamburgers are either fried or grilled and are served on a bun, sometimes even with sesame seeds. Usually when ordering/ making a hamburger...

Sonny’s Side Up

Sydnee Henderson, Reporter

January 16, 2016

      Soul Food When you think of soul food you think of any meat with barbecue sauce, maybe some mac and cheese, and all the other sides that appeal to you. But when you think of Sonny's BBQ Shack Bar and Grill, you think ...

The famous In-N-Out burger

January 15, 2016

Intro: In-N-Out Burger is a fast food restaurant. They sell a small variety of burgers, some of the burgers are "the double double, hamburger, and a cheeseburger." They also have a unique burger that is called "4x4" it is on the secret ...

Do You Want the Burrito?

Kristy Vang, Reporter

May 19, 2015

How would you like your meat, vegetables, beans, and rice wrapped in tortilla?  There is “Juan” direction that will provide that. The Mexican taco truck in front of Home Depot on Hammer Lane offers burritos for ONLY cin...

Jelly bean review

Chainarung Dechyothin, Reporter

May 17, 2015

Jelly beans are suppose to look like beans because its called jelly beans. The strawberry smoothie jelly bean smells really nice. The taste is really good and taste just like its flavor. When you are touching it feels really h...

People Enjoy Eating CANDY!

Jasmine Rodriguez and Savannah Drummond, Reporters

October 11, 2013

Ever had a longing sensation for sometjing sweet in your life? Especially after eatimg a dish full of savoring flavors; your taste buds fill your mouth with a wanting of somehing missing- sweets. Common sweets that most people...

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Jasmine Rodriguez and Savannah Drummond, Reporters

October 9, 2013

Imagine walking through a store, as your passing through the candy aisle, you get a sudden urge for a sweet mouth watering sensation for a candy. As you look at your selections, you realize there are to many to decide. You have...

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